Catering Services

Opening With the Right Catering Now

In an important event, what most people usually remember is, without a doubt, food; and there are many companies that offer catering services that is why chef catering tells you what makes a good difference

Understands the difference between good and excellent

First, we must know what makes a ‘good’ catering to an ‘excellent’ one, taking into account the price – value relationship and the exclusivity that it can offer a diner. Likewise, the catering service for events must include personnel to take care of everything related to the food and drink area; providing customers with an estimate of what and how much to offer based on the number of diners.

Talk to the cook or cook

It is important to meet with the chef in person to discuss the objectives and concepts of the event and consult him about his specialties, in the meeting the menu is analyzed with the list of dishes, but it is also interesting to hear the ideas of the chef, who can suggest alternatives based on your knowledge. A chef will always be reliable to personalize the menu after talking with the customer, the closer, the better it offers. If the catering company offers it, spend a day to taste different types of dishes. This way you can verify the taste and quality of them. The use of the good corporate catering services comes easy there.

Ask the chef for information about the products they use. Make sure that the tasting meets your expectations, and that you are 100% satisfied with what you have tried. If you’re not sure, Do not think twice and look for another company that meets your requirements. In addition, it ensures that there will be variety for all diners, including offering options for vegetarian, dietary or celiac menus.

Evaluate the presentation of the dishes

Be it through photos that you provide or find in brochures, websites or social media of the company, remember that a good catering service should define the presentation of the dishes, because in addition to being creative, should be consistent with the setting of the place, with the style of event and the personality of the client.

Ask to be told about the location

The catering service provider will always know where the kitchen and the preparation and service areas will be located. It is essential that the chef or the responsible for catering know the distribution, the shape of the room and the different activities that will be carried out, with the sequence and schedules of each, otherwise, everything will be a disaster.

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