Common tips and mistakes when drinking beer

Did you know that many of us make common mistakes when drinking beer from stubby holders? We have to change that routine!

A classic: Put glasses or glasses in the freezer. Even if it’s clean, it always gets a little smell. Sometimes, it even forms a light layer of ice that can water your drink and its flavor.

Do not serve all the contents with the inclined bottle. 75% of the beer is served with a 45 degree tilt. Put the mouth of the bottle, very close to the mouth of the glass. You let it slide very slowly so it does not foam. The other 25% is served to the posada and raising the bottle little by little to generate the crown of foam, the gist.

If you do not moisten the glass it does not taste the same. Almost nobody moistens the glass and it is very important. How it is done: we must fill the glass with cold water. Then, the water is thrown away. We already have the fresh cup and the wet wall, so that the beer slides better and does not lose strength or decarbonizes when serving. Generally people know these things, but there is a lack of routine.

Beer fats do not mix well with beer. The animal fat stays on the lips and when it touches the foam, it kills it. There is beer for all kinds of foods; For many beer lovers, a black Irish stout with a fresh cheese is a huge pleasure. Also, the pairing with a little chorizo ​​is spectacular. But, generalizing, it is better to take some bread after a slice, to clean the pork fat from the lips. So, when you take the cup to your mouth, the foam suffers less.

The Famous Beer Belly

The beer belly is a myth. Beer, with an average of 5 degrees, is the least alcoholic drinks. What makes the tripita grow is what we eat and peck while we drink.

Direct Drinking

Drink beer from the bottle? No way. You lose half the flavor.

At what temperature should it be taken?

Not all beers are taken at the same temperature, of course, but it is generally served cold in summer or in winter. If you want to taste the actual flavor then don’t freeze it, because the nuances of quality are better distinguished without cooling. There is bitter English beer that is served by pumping from the cellars, where they ripen in barrels. There are people who say that this variety drinks hot, but neither is that: in fact, it is at room temperature in a basement. Although each beer is a world, these are the orientate temperatures: the blonde, between 5 and 8 degrees (which is the temperature at which the standard refrigerators are); and the black one, which is more consistent, between 8 and 12.


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