Kim Kardashian and Kanye West

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West a Perfect Match

Kim and Kanye loved – up and they both look awesome together. Source told us that couple is going to get married very soon with the cool investment of money. Well, Kanye has been dating the reality TV star Kardashian since April, and all know that at that time Kim was facing the burden of her recent marriage to Kris Humphries and the divorce is the divorce is still on.

 At that time there was great love between Kris Humphries and Kim K. But they didn’t get proper time for their love relationship after marriage. Because Kim was busy with her routine life and Kris Humphries was also busy with his routine life apart from each other. This was the reason that she claims for divorce to live happily and hopefully.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West

Kris Jenner Gushes over Couple Kim Kardashian and Kanye West

Kris Jenner has great thought about this newly marriage hoping couple. She said Kanye West is a golden boy and Kris Jenner prayed for the rapper that he will make her daughter (Kim Kardashian) happy. Kris Jenner is 57-year-old and she gushed over the couple Kim K and Kanye West when the couple was on the journey for a show in the US last night. She told Jay Leno that the couple is “Good Together.”

Did Kanye Got the Place on Reality TV family’s Christmas card:

Jenner also interrupted what????…… It may Kanye include on the reality TV Christmas card. She highlights the spot of Kanye West’s life in Kim Kardashian’s family. But the condition and situations which we read about Kim K and Kanye West show that Kanye will be the person who will get the place on reality TV family Christmas card. Well-known rapper Kanye West is now spending some important moments of his life with his Honey (Kim Kardashian) and the both look awesome together.

Kim Kardashian’s seems to agree with Kanye West’s and Kardashian’ relationship the couple will get married soon.  But in these days Kim K is too busy with her x-husband for divorce purposes. Because she is going to get married to Kanye West as she is dating with Kanye West since April 2012 after the close married relationship with Kris Humphries. But the old relationship of both Kris Humphries and Kim K was on the verge of sky height in 2011. Some crises make them part of a huge clue of different reasons.

Now Kim K and Kanye west are inches away from marriage and we got some questions about Kim K and Kanye West’s marriage that how they will plan for their wedding ceremony. What sort of music they like the best for their engagement ceremony when Kanye West will put Diamond ring on her finger. They will look awesome with their wedding dresses. And what her gown will ends for her with real pearl and diamond studded embroidery. Well, it is not just the right time to answer these questions… wait till the wedding ceremony arrive.

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