Kim Kardashian Shoes

Kim Kardashian Shoes

Footwear is the most important part while going for any sort of shopping. Mostly Kim K likes to wear high heel shoes which can help her to increase her height. After all black color for high hell is considered as much common among Kim K as she likes to wear it. As she is the famous reality TV star and she has a lot of work to do in any case, but it is not easy to spend some of her routine time with the top rapper of the world Kanye West. He is not only the rapper but also a designer too. At early moments of Paris fashion week he did not disclose his designs early then the fashion week starts up.

Kim Kardashian Shoes

Kim Kardashian Put off Old Stuff from Her Room

As she is the famous lady of the world and her closest boyfriend Kanye West. We come to know that Kim putt off pairs of shoes from her room and none of all were used. Some of them were brand new and some of them were worn once or twice. All of the pair of shoes she left some of them as new she recently buys from a market.

This reality TV star is pretty happy with her boyfriend and the rapper of the world is now considered and also the designer. Kanye West the first dream of her future wife and the better half of his life simply we can say that Kim is the honey of Kanye west’s life. Kris Jenner the mother of Kim K also agrees with their relationship she gushed over a statement that they both look awesome with each other. The words which she said last night for her daughter and her arm candy were “they are Good Together.”

Kanye West’s Suggestions about Kim K’s Dressing and Foot Wear

 As Kanye West and Kim K are very close to each other so that’s why the use to share their routine life or some personal activities with each other. Kanye West Suggested some sort of beautiful clothing inc; foot wearing charming foot wear of his own designed. He said to Kim K that some dresses looks ghetto on you and then she put her dresses off. She moves most of her DRE footwear towards charity when Kanye West use ghetto word for them. And Kim K posses some sexy pics for her Kanye West as the gift and Tweet them to get him know very soon.

She let her lover decide that which items stayed and which of them we have to put off from my house including her dresses, foot wear, and makeup. She loves to live with him happily and the couple is now working their love relationship as bravely and happily as they want to live their life together. While holding a fur hand bag in Kanye West’s hand Kim K said that I’ll keep this for my daughter but after a while, she ignores to help that buddy.

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